Mosaic, Travertine, and Porcelain Tiles

The mosaic tiles are used many times in kitchens, bathrooms, and as a flooring option. The Glass mosaic tile does stand up to the damage that sunlight could cause just by burning each day. For this reason, many people place in on their doors to add a touch of beauty because they know that this tile will not chip or look harsh due to the sun. There are many varieties of mosaic tile. For instance, there is glass, ceramic and marble mosaic tiles. So which one is chosen depends on the style of the room.

Another tile that is often used is travertine tile. The Roman even built the Coliseum using this tile. This tile can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. The travertine tile comes in a variety of colors; which means that someone can find a color to go with any kind of room r outdoor space. Also the shape can be changed to fit any kind of patter; so many people use it to go with the back splash of their kitchen. It is a good idea to apply sealant to travertine tile because it can be damaged if it comes into contact with anything that is acidic. The sealant is an extra protective barrier that is needed.

Porcelain tiles have become increasingly popular for flooring over the years. It is mainly used for outdoors purposes and many times it is seen in commercial businesses; however many people use it in their homes as well. It is likely to chip depending upon what is dropped on it. It provides a beauty to and is frost resistant. Mosaic, travertine, and porcelain tiles are a good idea for many different purposes. Depending upon what the tiles will be used for will determine which one a person should choose. The style and colors of these tiles can be found to work in any setting and they provide an extra splash of color and class to any room or outside area.

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Porcelain Tiles Versus Ceramic Tiles – What’s Best For You?

When choosing the right tiles for your home becomes really confusing, why not try comparing porcelain tiles versus ceramic tiles now.

Different types of tiles are available in the market these days and because of the very wide variety of choices, many people find it hard to choose the right kind of tiles for their homes. However, there are two most popular types of tiles that narrowed down the several selections and these are the porcelain and ceramic tiles. But still people tend to be confused between these two popular options because they are both composed in almost the same material components. For this reason, we are going to distinguish each type from the other.

Many people say that porcelain and ceramic tiles are all the same because a porcelain tile is just an improvised adaptation of a ceramic tile. Both tiles are made from clay and quartz sand materials. Both also undergo the extreme heating process. The only difference is that porcelain tiles are made from more refined and well polished clay materials making it more expensive than any other regular ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are also denser and because of this higher density, they are possibly to absorb less water or moisture that’s why they are more durable and are stain-resistant making them the most recommended tiles for bathroom purposes. Still because of this low absorption ability, they do not crack that easily during cold weather circumstances. They can withstand a harsh environment that’s why they are very suitable for outdoor purposes.

Because they are made of finer clay materials are fired at a higher temperature, porcelain tiles are harder in texture making their physical feature jagged which makes them appropriate for more challenging purposes such as flooring functions. They are usually made from white clay.

There are glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles. The unglazed types are the most popular choice because the colors go all the way through making the little scratches and dirt not visible at all.

These types of tiles are also harder to cut because of their hardness and density making them more difficult to customize to fit your house’s interior design.

Ceramic tiles on the other hand come in glazed and unglazed types. The unglazed ceramic tiles are more at risk of cracking and so are not advisable for flooring intentions requiring for a better care. The glazed ones are glass-like with dazzling designs making them more appropriate for wall purposes. They tend to be slippery in texture and so are very not suitable for bathroom use. They are best for mural use. They are prepared from brown, white or red clay.

When it comes to the beauty and elegance of your home, everybody’s very willing to spend much for it. How their homes look affects entirely their personality. That’s why it is very essential for them to choose the right materials for their house constructions or renovations. Tiles play a very important role in the house’s beauty. They undoubtedly add class and sophistication to your home, so it is quite a crucial task to choose the ideal tiles to be used there. Choosing between ceramic and porcelain tiles can be really confusing. But it’s all up to you to pick the best type that will match your interior decorations perfectly. You can choose the cheaper ceramic tiles or the more expensive porcelain tiles. After all, it’s  your house’s exquisiteness you will be paying for.

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Porcelain Wedding Theme

Open up your mind and think about all possibilities you can bring to your wedding celebration. Think differently and find other unique things you can apply to your wedding. Is it difficult to have something unique? Absolutely not! Wedding entertainment ideas start from what you see around you. Now, you probably sit in a chair accompanied by a glass of coffee. You have special mug and you always use it to drink at home. Don’t you think it’s interesting to have earthenware vessels workshop in your wedding? Sure!

Your guests come, congratulate you, sit on their chair, eat, and have great chance to walk around and see how to create porcelain vases, mug, plate, teapot and other earthenware vessels. Interestingly, they can join the potter and make their own plate! What do you think? You are interested in arranging this wedding? Let’s discuss it more seriously.

First, make sure you get the potters and ask them to bring their tools to your wedding too. Hire them for one or two hours. You can make deal that they must provide all material such as clayey soil by themselves. It will ease your plan, and you can share your time to other wedding items.

Second, your decoration should be fulfilled by earthenware vessels. Use big vases and earthenware jug. Add flowers into the vases so that your venue will look much more artistic. For the arches, it’s preferable to use only flowers.

Third, make sure you place the fragile pottery in the safest place. There are many children in your wedding celebration. Those kids will run everywhere and come down your vases. If you don’t want something bad happens to your celebration, you have to secure the vases.

Fourth, you can use the small vases or porcelains as table centerpieces. Adorn them with flowers or candles. It is good idea to take porcelain bowls and to place floating candle inside.

Fifth, let your guests to develop their creativity. They can make any porcelain stuff they want. Your guests will join the workshop happily since it’s probably their first time to touch the soil and shape any mug or jug. Then if they please, they can bring their work home.

Sixth, use the earthenware vessels as wedding favor.

Seventh, get the porcelain cake. You want jug porcelain shape cake, draw the picture and give it to your chef. Use a beautiful porcelain plate as the cake container and try to use porcelain motifs to apply to your cake.

If you are a porcelain collector, you can show off all your collections. It can be placed as part of your decoration item. An old porcelain jug has a historical meaning so that it will attract your guests’ attention.

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Porcelain and Ceramic Floor Tile Information

Porcelain floor tiles have always been extremely popular and still are today, they come in a wide range of colours, styles and designs and because of their material are very hard and water resistant. Porcelain tiles also come in different sizes if you wanted to use combination tiles to make a real design statement.

Porcelain are a heavy tile which is what makes them so durable and they are often used in kitchens and bathrooms because they are ideal for areas where there is moisture. Although not one of the cheaper tiles, porcelain tiles will add both beauty and style to any room and because they are so durable there is no reason why they cannot last for many, many years.

Porcelain can be purchased in glazed, unglazed or polished and there are two main types of porcelain, through bodied porcelain and polished porcelain. The through bodied tile represents the tile colour and texture running all through the tile. The through bodied porcelain tile is very popular for its attractive appearance and it makes an excellent tile for both floors and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. The glazed porcelain tile has a colour finish or coating on the surface of the tile and is a very strong and stain resistant tile; the glazed variety of porcelain also comes in a wide variety of colour, styles and designs. Whilst the glazed porcelain is not recommended in heavy commercial areas, it makes an excellent floor tile for kitchens and bathrooms and is a non porous tile, although it may need to be treated before installation but this largely depends on the exact material of the tile.

Ceramic is again a durable, strong tile which is suitable for floors, countertops and even walls, there are different types of ceramic and the porcelain tile does actually come under the same category, other types include the quarry tile, mosaic’s and glazed tiles. The glazed are the least popular choice for floors because they will become slippery when wet. Mosaic’s are strong, durable tiles with high water resistant levels and are ideal for many places around the home, including floors. Quarry tiles come in rich browns and reds and are an ideal choice for the floor, they are strong, durable and for this reason ideal for high traffic areas.

Porcelain we have mentioned above and are a very versatile tile which is ideal for floors and now with the choice of colours and styles available, there is almost certainly a design to suit your design preferences. The best advice when choosing floor tiles is to speak to the manufacturer who will be able to give you advice and information about the tile and the area you are planning to use it in.

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Home Lamps Reveal Your Personality

If you have decided to incorporate a few home lamps into your home decor, you will soon see that going shopping for lamps is akin to setting out on an adventure. When you walk into a store selling lighting for the home, you are sure to be completely stunned by sheer variety of lamps to choose from. Rustic, textured lamps made of woven abaca, wicker and rattan offer a direct contrast to the smooth textured porcelain and ceramic lamps. In another corner, wrought iron lamps and antique bedside table lamps vie for your attention while a few leather table lamps stand stately and silent.

Which one should you choose? As you look around, slowly taking in the different styles of lamps for the home, you will find that one or two styles from amongst them all will beckon to you. Inadvertently, you will find yourself being inextricably drawn towards a style that fits in with your personality. It’s true, your choice of lighting reveals a lot about your personality.

Leather Lamps: Stately, tough and radiating class and character, a leather home lamp is a sign of determination, self-confidence and steely strength of character.

Beaded Lamps: Your penchant for beaded lamps is a sure sign that you are quirky, casual, friendly and fun-loving. You love to watch the way the beads come to life as they light up and flicker when the lamp is lit.

Ceramic Lamps: If you find that your first choice of lamps are those made of ceramic, you may have a calm, cool personality that is unlikely to be easily ruffled. You like the simple curved or straight lines and smooth textures  – and will not stand for anything that contributes to a cluttered look.

Rustic Lamps: Rustic lamps signify a love for nature. You have an earthy personality and are very dependable. You love textures as much as you love the colors of nature.

Wrought Iron Lamps: Your whimsical and artistic nature is revealed in your love for wrought iron lamps. You love to create things.

Tiffany Lamps: Tiffany lamps are likely to be the first choice of individuals who have a sophisticated yet earthy lifestyle and enjoy the finer things in life.

Porcelain Lamps with Flowery Designs: A die hard romantic who loves florals and soft lighting would go straight for porcelain lamps in soft colors and flowery designs.

Crystal Lamps: You are elegant and sophisticated and you love all things that spell class.

Irrespective of what style of lighting for the home you choose in the other rooms, it is your choice of bedside table lamps that will seal the deal. While Victorian styled lamps with low wattage bulbs would mean you are innately romantic at heart, a chrome bedside reading lamp reveals a practical nature.

So, which personality type describes you best…quirky, classy, creative, romantic, or practical? The home lamps you choose tell a lot about you.

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Simple Fixes and Upgrades For the Home

We show homes every day and we see all types of flaws and masterpieces. From brilliant design ideas and creative uses of space to overlooked projects and problem areas of properties. Sellers listen up and buyers pay attention. The following tips pertain to both home buyers and sellers as they’re easy fixes to any home. You’d think home sellers would do these things before putting their home on the market but surprisingly, they often do not. Home buyers, know that these simple fixes are also just as simple for you if the seller hasn’t done them yet.

Trees make buyers squirm and are a nuisance to a property. Most properties have trees and they come in all shapes and sizes. While trees are a great value addition and feature to a property due to energy savings and shade, they also grow. Home owners sometimes forget that trees grow and home buyers sometimes forget that they can be trimmed quite easily. The problem is when trees are overhanging onto a garage roof, over a fence, walkway or into a neighbor’s property. Trees can cause damage to a roof and add unnecessary moisture and pests. Home buyers, understand that trees can be trimmed and home owners, trim your trees, please.

Basement odors and moisture are dungeonesque. Home owners aren’t always aware of odors in the home since they live there every day. Basements can be a trap for moisture and often have a musty smell. Just because there’s an odor doesn’t mean it’s a wet basement. All basements are underground and encounter moisture, fact. It’s up to the home owner to keep as much moisture away from the exterior foundation as possible. It’s also up to the home owner to keep the inside of the basement clean and clear of unnecessary signs. Open windows! Please air out the basement and keep an air flow constant. Basements need to breathe. Use a dehumidifier at all times. Dust your ducts. Many forget to clean the basement and webs and dust have a field day.

Closets are comical. Home owners almost always neglect their closets when updating or redecorating their homes. I always get a kick out of the insides of closets when showing homes to buyers. Home sellers, please remember that every inch and nook of your home will be looked at and judged. Tearing down the 1965 wallpaper and enclosing the loosely hanging light bulb is a nice touch and eliminates the Realtor’s explanation in your bedroom. Home owners also tend to clutter up every inch of the closet and it actually makes it appear smaller. Store away shoes, clothes and coats you’re not using at least once a month. Under the bed storage is a great idea since it’s usable and tucked away space. Grab some big Tupperware containers or vacuum bags for a few bucks at any drug store. An updated and clean closet says a lot about how you maintain the other things in the home.

Doorknobs, hinges and fixtures are one of my favorite and most simple fix tips. There’s nothing that assists an older or outdated home better than all new doorknobs, light switches, register covers, faucets, hinges and handles on cabinets. Outdated lighting fixtures are also relatively cheap and simple to install. Even someone who has never swung a hammer can figure it out and have all of these items replaced and new in a day. Home sellers, get going… and home buyers, remember you too can do these easy upgrades when the home is yours.

Tile grout gets dirty fast. Grout, especially the lighter colors tends to attract stains no matter how well you’ve sealed the surface. While you may think the floor, walls or counter top needs replaced, it’s likely not the tile that’s in need, it’s the grout. The good news is grout is affordable and a simple fix. You can scrape out the existing grout and fill it in with new. If you’re not quite sure how to do this, there are a ton of websites dedicated to tile and grout laying and removal and any pro at Home Depot will be glad to walk you through the steps and point out exactly what you’ll need to make your tile look like new.

Porcelain sinks suffer from scrape marks and stains due to pots, silverware and of course food. It doesn’t need replaced. There are two ways to make your porcelain sink look brand new, bleach and Oxy Clean. You can stop up the sink and add two cups of bleach or a half a cup of Oxy Clean paste. Sponge bleach or Oxy once over the sides all the way to the top and leave it there. Let the bleach or Oxy clean work for at least a half an hour. Rinse away completely and no scrubbing is needed. You’ll have a brand new sink rid of scuff marks and stains.

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What Do Porcelain Veneers Cost?

If you have been looking into cosmetic dentistry you may have heard of porcelain veneers. If you are interested in changing the appearance of your teeth you may have two questions: what are porcelain veneers and what do porcelain veneers cost?

Veneers are a thin shell of material (in this case porcelain) which is bonded with the surface of a tooth. This can be done for several different reasons including repairing and protecting a broken tooth or improving its appearance. Veneers can help provide an evenly shaped and spaced appearance to teeth as well as whitening them past the point that at-home kits and preparations can offer.

Porcelain veneers are placed over a tooth that has been prepared by drilling. This is important since the veneer can look artificial if it is too thick, and it can be difficult to work with an extremely thin veneer. They can change the shape and alignment of teeth as well as whitening them past the point that chemical whitening would permit.

However, veneers can be expensive. The price of veneers depends on the material the veneers are made out of and the type of bonding agent that is used. As well, if the shaping and bonding process is very involved, usually because you are trying to reshape teeth or fix the way their alignment looks, veneers can be more expensive.

There are several different types of porcelain that veneers can be made out of. They include empress 3, feldspathic, cerinate, lumineers and procera. If you do opt for veneers, you can expect to pay in the neighborhood of $700 to $2000 and more per tooth. If you are having multiple veneers done at the same time, it may be less expensive but this gives you a good idea of what the price range is.

If you are looking for a way to radically improve the shape and appearance of your teeth, you should consider porcelain veneers. With a little time and money you can get a radically whiter and brighter smile. The same applies with braces. They can make a drastic difference, but how much do braces cost is also a common question, with same answer–not cheap.

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